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Steve - Home Safari Co-Founder
With more than 50 years experience growing up and dealing with animals, Steve has a vast knowledge of animal behaviour.

After a short time in hospital during the early 80’s, Steve realised the health benefits interacting with his animals had. This ultimately led him to start Home Safari AAT.

Steve and his team have facilitated sessions of AAT/AAI for more than a decade. They’ve worked within the NHS and the private sector, from CAHMS to medium secure, including forensic and PICU wards. Steve has gone on to become a qualified AAT Practitioner Level 3. He has spent many years using solution-focused therapy techniques. As an EBE (expert via experience) in mental health, Steve has insight and knowledge about creating and facilitating sessions. This makes Home Safari AAT the UK’s leading Animal-Assisted Therapy provider.


Cheron - Home Safari Co-Founder
Hello, my name is Cheron and I am the wife of Steve and co-founder of Home Safari AAT. I have spent most of my life around animals, from frogs to rabbits and dogs. Then reptiles, exotics, and farm animals, all of which we keep today.

I’m a great believer in, and have a massive passion for, Animal-Assisted Therapy. This is because it helps people feel calm and relaxed when they’re anxious. It also encourages them to get involved in activities when they’re unmotivated. This can make them smile even when they’re feeling low.

I feel very privileged to have such a career being around animals and using them to help people.


Amanda - Home Safari's Nutritionist
Hello, I’m Alice! I am a senior member of the Home Safari Team. I am a licensed and qualified Animal Assisted Therapy Practitioner and have experience and associated qualifications in the psychology and the care of both adults and children with complex mental and physical needs.

Animals have always been a huge love and passion of mine and have been a saving grace throughout my life, giving me great insight into how powerful their presence can be in the healing process. They reach a part of you that nothing else can and the effect they have had on people during our therapy sessions is incredible.

I love working for Home Safari, bringing smiles and healing to so many people with the help of our fabulous animal family, all of whom I have completely fallen in love with. (It’s impossible not to!)


Amanda - Home Safari's Nutritionist
Hi, I am Kelly, I am a qualified AAT practitioner before working for home safari. I worked in care for the past 10 years but my true passion is animals, and doing this job is fulfilling a lifetime ambition.

I have had a wide range of animals through the years including dogs, rabbits, ferrets and reptiles. I also volunteer on a small holding working with farm animals which I love doing and hopefully in the future I will have my own small holding.

Since working for home sarafi I have seen how beneficial animal therapy is to people and the joy animals give to people.


Amanda - Home Safari's Nutritionist
Hi, my name is Heather. Caring for people and animals has always played an integral role in my life. Working at Home Safari, we not only understand the emotional and connecting side of interacting with animals, but also the physical and cognitive benefits.

I have experience working with, rescuing and fostering a variety of animals, and growing up in the countryside, surrounded by them, I have experienced first hand the emotional, supportive and uplifting effects they have on people.

I am a qualified animal assisted therapy practitioner and have an animal care advanced level 4 qualification, both at higher distinction grades.


Amanda - Home Safari's Nutritionist
Hello I’m Megan! I am a huge lover of animals and working for Home Safari is a great pleasure!

I have had many animals growing up and I currently have a German Shepherd (Luna), and a Crested Gecko (Xabi). I believe dogs are the greatest creatures on planet earth, and I have a real love for reptiles.

Before working for Home Safari I spent many years working in the hospitality industry, so this has been a huge career change for me! I’ve always enjoyed working with people and having a huge love for animals, Animal Assisted Therapy at Home Safari is the perfect role for me! I am now training to become a fully qualified Animal Assisted Therapy Practitioner.

Running animal therapy sessions with a variety of individuals across many different communities is a truly rewarding role and I love each and every day at Home Safari.


Amanda - Home Safari's Nutritionist
Hi, my name is Mia. I have a background of working within childcare but I have always dreamed of working with animals and when the opportunity arose for me to work with Home Safari, I jumped at the chance! I am now studying to become a fully qualified Animal Assisted Therapy Practitioner.

I believe that animals really are the best therapy, they make us smile even on days when we feel it may be impossible and a smile can make all the difference to how we feel… this can only have a positive knock-on effect. I have seen first-hand the benefits of having animals in our lives and I would personally never be without them! From furry, fluffy friends to exotic reptiles, they’re all individuals with amazing personalities that are fun to learn about as well as having a much needed cuddle!


Amanda - Home Safari's Nutritionist

Hello! I’m Lydia. Working for Home Safari is both a privilege and a pleasure. I’m a huge animal lover and cat lover and I have 3 cats (Chester, Teddy and Daisy – just think of all that fur).

I’ve seen the powerful and positive effect animals have on people.
I grew up as a young carer, caring for my sister who has cerebral palsy, and I’ve witnessed first hand the difference animals have had in her life.

Animals truly are unique in their abilities to help us heal, boost our mood and confidence, reduce our anxieties, and make us both laugh and smile.

Before working at Home Safari I worked in retail and even ran my own business on Etsy, making handmade children’s toys. But nothing compares to the rewarding work of animal assisted therapy. Working alongside these amazing animals is a real joy!

I firmly believe that animal assisted therapy is the most fun and effective form of therapy.

I love being a part of the Home Safari family and I am now in training to become a fully qualified Animal Assisted Therapy Practitioner!



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